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User Management & Compliance

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Filter Views on custom conversation fields

Similar to creating a view that filters on tags, enable users to create a View that filters on custom conversation fields.
22 days ago in Custom fields 0 Backlog

Allow admin to edit teammate login email

Today there is no simple way for a teammate's login email to be updated from within the company settings. Editing the email could potentially trigger a notification to the user. There may be some cases where editing the login email is not permitte...
24 days ago in Login and SSO settings 0 Backlog

Separate access to team inbox and channels

Would like the ability to access shared inbox but not have the ability to send from the channels associated with them.
about 1 month ago in Settings (User Mgmt & Compliance) 0 Backlog

Give option to prevent users from emailing from other channels besides their personal email

To avoid potentially emailing clients from incorrect domains, it would be great if there were a way to restrict it so users can only email from their own personal email address (not any inboxes they have access to). Currently the only option is to...
about 1 month ago in Settings (User Mgmt & Compliance) 0 Backlog

Export tags to CSV

Provide an overview off all tags when doing housekeeping and auditing. This could be a global export and/or per-Workspace.
about 1 month ago in User Management & Compliance 0 Backlog

Audit which teammates aren't using their inbox access

Some company admins want to keep shared inbox access controls to the minimum necessary. A teammate may have been granted access but rarely views conversations in the inbox, which means their access can be revoked. How can we help company admins to...
about 1 month ago in Permissions 0 Backlog

Allow companies to set & enforce email signatures company wide and restrict the editing of email signatures.

Companies want to standardize their email signatures from a branding perspective. We want all users to have the same font and color scheme and to use only the company approved phone numbers [by team] and to have the proper email and website links.
about 1 month ago in User Management & Compliance 0 Backlog

Change default reply option for all company users

As an admin, I’d like to set Send & Snooze as the default reply option for my company. Informing teammates about the ability to change this takes training overhead and friction.
about 2 months ago in User Management & Compliance 0 Backlog

Prevent individual channel becoming default compose channel for users created with a template

Current state There is a user preference 'Default channel' controlling the default channel used when composing a new conversation. As this is the preference of most users and admins, when a user adds their first individual channel, we automaticall...
about 2 months ago in Teammate mgmt 0 Backlog

Local data servers

Front has data servers in the US and Ireland. Customers outside of these countries/outside of the EU may need to their data to be stored in their own country for compliance reasons. If you are voting for this idea, please leave a comment with the ...
about 2 months ago in Compliance 0 Backlog