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Add Tags to Sidebar by default

When creating a new subtag in the sidebar by clicking the three dot drop down, the default is to not have "show in sidebar" checked. It would make more sense to default to checking this box. It's very easy to remove a tag sitting on the sidebar, b...
about 1 month ago in P1 navigation - left pane / Tags 1 Backlog

Drag & Drop to Change Tag Order

Add the ability to change the order of tags on a message by simply dragging and dropping them. Right now, you must delete the tags and re-add them in the desired order.
2 months ago in Tags 0 Backlog

'recently used' tag dropdown should be increased from 5 to 10 (or adjustable by user)

No description provided
about 1 month ago in Tags 0 Backlog

Assign uploaded "emoji" icon to a tag in the inbox

When a user assigns an icon to a tag in the inbox, it pulls from the "emoji" gallery. Front currently allows a user to upload custom "emojis," but apparently does not have capability for those uploaded images (emojis) to be assigned to a tag even ...
4 months ago in Tags 0 Backlog

Add preference to filter by personal tags when in a shared inbox

In User Preferences, add an option to only show Personal Tags when the message is in a personal inbox (i.e. do not show them when in a shared inbox)
2 months ago in Tags 0 Backlog

AI AutoTagging

Front currently has a "tag" feature where a company can create a list of tags and mark each conversation with any number of them. At my company (Collective), we have around 30-40 tags that our Support team currently uses. However, manually tagging...
2 months ago in Tags 0 Backlog