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Advanced rule conditions and actions

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Notify action to rule templates

Adding a "notify" action to rule templates in the new rule library
12 days ago in Notify 0 Backlog

Improved Assignment Queues

Giving Admins more confidence that no conversations are left behind thanks to rules. Front already supports queuing conversations that cannot be assigned immediately but we want to make improvements to the experience: giving Admins visibility on t...
3 months ago in Assign / Workflows 0 Backlog

Assign overriding OOO through rules

This is valuable for roles like account managers when time is not of the essence.
over 2 years ago in Assign 0 Backlog

Preference for Assignee Title in Sender Line

After a recent update, when a conversation is assigned to the user the format of the heading of the conversation of the assignee in the side panel is now "Sender > me" previous to the update it was "Sender > FirstName LastName". I'm requesti...
8 months ago in Assign / Assigning 0 Backlog

Select signature when autoreplying

Self explanatory
about 2 years ago in Auto-reply 0 Backlog

Template to rule (building workflows off each template)

When you create a template, ability to create a rule off this template. Today you have to copy some of the template body to create a rule but it would be great if you could: Create rule If this template is used Then do X
5 months ago in Advanced rule conditions and actions / Workflows 0 Backlog