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Google Chat integration

A p4 integration or channel integration with Google Chat so I can communicate with non Front teammates from within Front itself.
about 1 month ago in New integration requests / P4 Plugins / Plugins 0 Backlog

Contacts Auto-suggest Improvements

Improve contacts auto-suggest relevance for Front composer so the most relevant contacts show up on top in the dropdown list
7 months ago in Contacts 1 Backlog

Forward Action in Company Rules

Enable the "Forward to" action in custom rules at the Company Rule Level - currently only available in Workspace level rules.
19 days ago in Company rules / Rules 0 Backlog

Disable contact exporting for non-admins

Provide admin the ability to turn off contacts exporting for non-admins
about 2 months ago in Export 1 Backlog

Improving the Hubspot plugin

Better email logging: e.g. being able to search for the company and deal that a contact might be associated with and then log the email to those specific records. Allow admins to customize display fields for all teammates Associate newly created d...
4 months ago in P4 Plugins 1 Backlog

Be able to 'Add Conversation Subscriber' as a rule action

When a Conversation or subset of teammates need management oversight, it would be nice to be able to automatically subscribe a Teammate to a Conversation with rules. Right now, notifications serve as partially good, but when the conversation is be...
about 2 months ago in Rules 0

Add 'Email was Read' as a trigger for rules

Give Front rules the ability to interact with the read receipt setting so that we can create automations around this product behavior
about 2 months ago in Rules 0

Ability to have different visibility levels for shared contacts

The ability to limit shared contacts visibility across teammates. If a shared contact is not visible to a teammate, the teammate cannot see, edit, or export the contacts
about 2 months ago in Accessing / Organizing Data / Contact data model 0 Backlog

Add 'Draft Created' as a Trigger for Rules

When a large customer is using the API with a singular custom channel to create drafts in batches, there is a manual triage component in terms of routing the Draft to the correct place. If Front could look at the content on the draft and take acti...
about 2 months ago in Rules 0

Google directory sync

Sync external contacts from Google Contacts into Front
about 2 years ago in Onboarding data 0 Backlog