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Turn off contacts auto-suggest

Being able to turn off auto-suggest in composer for all Front users
4 days ago in Composing Email 0 Backlog

Improving the Hubspot plugin

Better email logging: e.g. being able to search for the company and deal that a contact might be associated with and then log the email to those specific records. Allow admins to customize display fields for all teammates Associate newly created d...
about 2 months ago in P4 Plugins 0 Backlog

Contacts Auto-suggest Improvements

Improve contacts auto-suggest relevance for Front composer so the most relevant contacts show up on top in the dropdown list
5 months ago in Contacts 0 Backlog

Profile summary tooltip when hovering over user display picture in email/discussion

Imagining it would work similarly to Slack, where the popup shows the person's position/role, preferred pronouns, and local time. Sometimes the number of participants in a conversation/discussion grows fairly large and requires collaboration from ...
15 days ago in Accessing / Organizing Data 1 Already available

Focus on the composer after exiting message template window via keyboard

When composing a message, if I open up the message template window and decide to not insert a message but instead exit the window with `ESCAPE` for example. The composer window does not get refocused and I have to use the mouse to click into the c...
about 2 months ago in Composing Email 0 Backlog

Google directory sync

Sync external contacts from Google Contacts into Front
almost 2 years ago in Onboarding data 0 Backlog

Filter contacts in the contacts manager

Being able to filter contacts in the contacts manager by attributes such as account, source, last updated, etc.
over 1 year ago in Contacts Manager 0 Backlog

Sort contacts by clicking on column header

Being able to sort contacts in the contact manager by clicking on column header
almost 2 years ago in Contacts Manager 0 Backlog

Allow users to set primary email/phone number for contacts

When a contact has multiple emails (or phone numbers), being able to indicate the primary email/phone.
3 months ago in Contact data model 0 Backlog

Ability to display contact fields in a custom order and show or hide fields

In Front's contact manager, having the ability to customize which fields show up on top, and even have the ability to hide certain fields.
about 2 years ago in Accessing / Organizing Data 0 Backlog