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User Management & Compliance

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Create a discussion with a teammate Group

Today, to start a discussion with a group of people, you need to type out each of their names to add them as participants. This can be cumbersome when the intention is to start a discussion with a large group of people. A possible solution custome...
5 months ago in Teammate Groups 3 Backlog

Filter Views on custom conversation fields

Similar to creating a view that filters on tags, enable users to create a View that filters on custom conversation fields.
18 days ago in Custom fields 0 Backlog

Audit which teammates aren't using their inbox access

Some company admins want to keep shared inbox access controls to the minimum necessary. A teammate may have been granted access but rarely views conversations in the inbox, which means their access can be revoked. How can we help company admins to...
about 1 month ago in Permissions 0 Backlog

Allow companies to set & enforce email signatures company wide and restrict the editing of email signatures.

Companies want to standardize their email signatures from a branding perspective. We want all users to have the same font and color scheme and to use only the company approved phone numbers [by team] and to have the proper email and website links.
about 1 month ago in User Management & Compliance 0 Backlog

Only display teammates in the same workspace (under assignment and mention suggestions)

Minimize room for error and noise when assigning or mentioning someone. Only teammates with access to the conversation's Workspace should display.
2 months ago in Workspaces 0 Backlog

Prevent individual channel becoming default compose channel for users created with a template

Current state There is a user preference 'Default channel' controlling the default channel used when composing a new conversation. As this is the preference of most users and admins, when a user adds their first individual channel, we automaticall...
about 2 months ago in Teammate mgmt 0 Backlog

Allow admin to edit teammate login email

Today there is no simple way for a teammate's login email to be updated from within the company settings. Editing the email could potentially trigger a notification to the user. There may be some cases where editing the login email is not permitte...
20 days ago in Login and SSO settings 0 Backlog

@mentioning teammate groups

Quickly loop in a list of teammates to a conversation, by @mentioning a teammate Group. Leave a comment to tell us how you imagine using this feature: a quick way to get list all conversation participants; an FYI for a certain team; asking for inp...
about 2 years ago in Teammate Groups 1 Backlog

Define whether a shared channel can be used for outbound messages

In some cases, teammates should never reply to or compose message from a particular shared channel. To ensure this happens, the admin can set the channel settings such that it cannot be used for outbound messages.
3 months ago in User Management & Compliance 0 Backlog

Ability to add and remove inbox delegations for other teammates

Front's inbox delegation feature allows you to give another user temporary access to your inbox (to view and take some actions, but not respond or comment by impersonating you). It means that if a customer writes into that individual inbox, it won...
over 1 year ago in Teammate mgmt 0 Backlog