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Teammate Groups

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Create a discussion with a teammate Group

Today, to start a discussion with a group of people, you need to type out each of their names to add them as participants. This can be cumbersome when the intention is to start a discussion with a large group of people. A possible solution custome...
5 months ago in Teammate Groups 3 Backlog

@mentioning teammate groups

Quickly loop in a list of teammates to a conversation, by @mentioning a teammate Group. Leave a comment to tell us how you imagine using this feature: a quick way to get list all conversation participants; an FYI for a certain team; asking for inp...
about 2 years ago in Teammate Groups 1 Backlog

Allow Team admins to create and manage teammate Groups

Allow users other than company admins to manage teammate Groups. This could be done by giving specific users this permission, or by giving this ability to all Team admins.
9 months ago in Teammate Groups 0 Backlog

Manage teammate Groups via API

Create endpoints on the Front public API to manage teammate Groups.
8 months ago in Teammate Groups 0 Backlog