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New metric: first reply handle time

In Analytics, measure handle time for first reply only
4 months ago in Analytics - Times 0 Backlog

Export Busiest Times heat map of volumes as csv

No description provided
24 days ago in Insights 0 Backlog

Improve the visibility of the names of Analytics views when multiple are pinned

No description provided
26 days ago in Insights 0 Backlog

Add a "Select all" option in tag filters for Analytics

When you want to report on all tags except a few, you can Select all > deselect the few you don't want.
2 months ago in Insights 1 Backlog

CSAT: Customize text in survey page

Ability to customize text in Customer Satisfaction surveys.
almost 2 years ago in CSAT - Customisation - general 1 Backlog

Configure business hours and shifts as a calendar

Instead of "From 9 to 5 from Mon to Fri", be able to say "From 9 to 5 from Mon to Fri, except on Dec 25, Jan 1, etc". This allows to take plan for holidays, teammate PTOs, company events, etc.
over 2 years ago in OOO - Analytics 0 Backlog

Hide CSAT links on WhatsApp conversations

Hide survey links sent in Whatsapp conversations to prevent teammates from filling out the CSAT survey for themselves.

CSAT: additional survey scales

Support different scales for Customer Satisfaction (1-10, 3-point smiley faces, etc).
almost 2 years ago in CSAT - Customisation - survey - scale 0 Backlog

Sentiment detection to provide a sentiment score for conversations

Detect sentiment across channels using NLP like Amazon Comprehend and provide sentiment score in sidebar.
3 months ago in Core Product Experience / Insights 0 Backlog

CSAT: Multiple survey questions

Allow multiple questions in Customer Satisfaction surveys.
almost 2 years ago in CSAT- Customisation - survey - answers 0 Backlog