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See more similar conversations

It would be helpful if we could: flag suggested conversations that were not helpful (more often than not, there's at least 1 irrelevant suggested similar convo) have the AI generate more similar conversations if possible (when the user flags one o...
6 days ago in AI / AI similar conversations 0 Backlog

Better conversation preview for Similar Conversations

I wish to better understand if a similar conversation is a good one, so I can open it up and get the answer I need. I need to quickly see what a conversation is about. What about seeing a Similar Conversation answer, which is a text saying why thi...
6 days ago in AI / AI similar conversations 0 Backlog

AI suggested replies (Auto-draft) for chat

Same as auto-draft with AI for emails, but for chat
27 days ago in AI / AI suggested replies (auto draft) / Live Chat 0 Backlog

AI Compose with attachments

Allowing AI compose to have context with attachments, including PDFs.
2 months ago in AI / AI compose / Attachments / Compose - write efficiently with quality 0 Backlog

Use multiple/different KBs for AI answers depending on customer

Jerry Services has multiple internal KBs depending on what insurance company their customer uses - i.e. Geico, FarmersInsurance, Progressive. This brought up an idea where in the future, can we connect multiple KBs to use for AI answers and depend...
3 months ago in AI / AI answer for chat / Knowledge Base 0 Backlog

AI Compose on Mobile App

The AI composer features are a great enhancement and would be even more helpful if they were available in the mobile app.
3 months ago in AI / Core Product Experience 0 Backlog

AI Summary of a conversation is available via the API

Ability to pull the AI Summary of a conversation via the API
3 months ago in AI / Core API 0 Backlog

AI Answers and Suggested replies to leverage All Front Conversation History

Leverage past email history for AI Answers/AI Compose in email
3 months ago in AI / AI knowledge / AI suggested replies (auto draft) / Chatbots 0 Backlog

AI Conversation Data Extraction

It was be really powerful to extract specific data points from Conversation message data to be used for workflows, DOs, etc
3 months ago in AI 0 Backlog

AI Tagging - Only apply one tag from the list

Only of tag from the list selected in the rule can be applied. This would be an option similar to required tagging rule (see attached file) The closed tag is the one to be applied (context shared with Robert live).
4 months ago in AI / AI tagging 0 Backlog