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Ability to use the chat visitor inactivity and/or the time the chat visitor has spent on a chatbot flow step as a trigger for a chatbot action

We would like the ability to use set different actions based on how long a chat visitor spends on a step / if they don't interact with the step for a certain amount of time. For example, if they're stuck on a step for too long, we'd like to build ...
4 months ago in Chatbots 0 Backlog

Sidebar table of contents navigation for knowledge base home page

Instead of having readers click through boxes of categories, let them scroll through a list of categories and nested categories from the home page. Often used for technical documentation.
3 months ago in Knowledge Base 0 Backlog

Todo/task with deadline that can be assigned with reminders

This platform is perfect, if it has a todo/task functionality (with calendar view) it would even better and it works with the existing platform very well. Or allow creation of deadlines for messages so we can use create todo lists outselfs by send...
27 days ago in Core Product Experience 0 Backlog

Knowledge Base User Search Bar for reader view

Knowledge Base is great, but we need to make it searchable within an article to find keywords of interest. At the moment, Front has the option to search within all articles, but not inside a specific article to highlight keywords. We kindly reques...
27 days ago in Knowledge Base 0 Backlog

Forwarded messages from Front viewable in the Sent

We have rules that FWD to another email address, but you can't see that FWD in the sent items inbox.
about 2 months ago in Core Product Experience / Rule actions 3 Backlog

Integration with Microsoft Report Message Add-in

No description provided
about 2 months ago in New integration requests 0 Backlog

Add trash option to conversation hover actions in personal inboxes

add trash as a hover action on conversation cells within individuals' personal inboxes
6 months ago in Core Product Experience 1 Backlog

Ability to select which conversations they want to merge without having to have the conversations next to one another

"We need the ability to select which conversations we want to merge without the conversations having to be listed right next to each other."
6 months ago in Merge / privacy leaks / threading 2 Already available

Enable AI for specific teammates / inboxes

Ability to allow select users / inboxes, etc. to use AI features.
8 months ago in AI 0 Backlog

Front Chat localization to support different languages

Localization in the chat widget to support different languages. Includes text & buttons in the collect customer details step in the chatbot flow, the "Start new conversation" button after the chatbot auto-archives the flow, and more.
almost 3 years ago in Live Chat 4 Backlog