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Slab integration

No description provided
41 minutes ago in New integration requests 0

Add a "Select all" option in tag filters for Analytics

When you want to report on all tags except a few, you can Select all > deselect the few you don't want.
2 days ago in  1 Backlog

TextExpander integration
18 minutes ago in New integration requests 0

Bandwith integration
29 minutes ago in New integration requests 0

2nd Variable Fallback in Message Templates

In message templates, when using a dynamic variable I can create a fallback variable or text. I would like to have two fallback options, one being another variable, and a second fallback being text.
about 17 hours ago in Composing Email / Message templates 0

Display email address for failed sent message

When a message sent to a group fails, display which recipients the delivery failed for. Currently this is not displayed in the UI
2 days ago in Core Product Experience 0

OpenAI / GPT integration for Front

Compose messages and summarize conversations using AI.
2 months ago in Composer 5 Planned

Sideline integration
25 minutes ago in New integration requests 0

Only display teammates in the same workspace (under assignment and mention suggestions)

Minimize room for error and noise when assigning or mentioning someone. Only teammates with access to the conversation's Workspace should display.
5 days ago in Workspaces 0 Backlog

Mark an inbound or outbound message as high or low importance

Inbound and outbound messages in Outlook can be set to have high or low importance: Requesting...
2 months ago in Email channels 0 Backlog