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Integrate Front Chat with knowledge base

Integrate Front Chat widget with knowledge base to make knowledge base articles searchable & navigable in the chat widget
3 months ago in Live Chat 1 Planned

Live chat bots

Create live chat bots that can collect information from chat visitors, answer common questions, and route conversations to the right place.
5 months ago in Front Chat 3 Planned

Ability for Front Chat notifications to keep ringing until chat agent responds

it would be great if the notification sound would keep ringing until somebody starts replying to a newly arrived web chat message. The current notification sounds are indistinguishable from normal messages for which our team can take longer to res...
20 days ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

ON/OFF toggle for Front Chat widget

Only having the option to select offline hours for live chat creates a myriad of support problems for small teams juggling multiple jobs and the ability to simply turn it on/off with a single click would significantly improve the functionality.
26 days ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Front Chat popup notifications

Would be great to have some kind of popup (bottom right) when a new chat conversation comes in to better notify team members.
28 days ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Ability for team members to manually send Front Chat transcript to chat visitor

Add setting so teams can customize whether they want the chat transcript to be sent every 5 minutes when a chat visitor does not reply, or if teammates can send the transcript manually.
4 months ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Improved analytics for Front Chat

No description provided
6 months ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Make chat window smaller when browser is not on full screen mode

When customers are not using our website on full-screen mode, the current chat box will expand & take up their entire page. Previously, the chat box would only show up in a smaller screen on the bottom right corner. We'd like this small chat b...
3 months ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Add screen sharing functionality to Front Chat

This functionality would improve customer service dramatically by allowing the customer requesting help with their software to be able to give permission to our CS team member to view their screen or even take control of the active website. Screen...
26 days ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Improved notifications when new Front Chat messages are received

Improvements to further differentiate Front Chat notifications from notifications for other channels like email
over 1 year ago in Live Chat 0 Planned