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Discussions - Restrict Unsubscribe and/or Log who unsubscribes

There are mandatory discussions setup that we want to be able to restrict user from unsubscribing. And/or provide a log for the discussion creator to see who unsubscribe from the discussion.
about 2 months ago in Core Product Experience 0 Backlog

Ability to sync all messages to sender/recipient similar to Twilio/SMS channels

When you hit compose and create a new message it would be preferred if a setting existed that would automatically thread message to an existing thread if the sender/recipient is the same. Currently Front will always create a new conversation when ...
about 2 months ago in Composer / Merge / privacy leaks / threading 0 Backlog

Enable Conversation Splitting for Custom Channels

My company uses SMS for ~90% of our customer conversations. Today, the only way to utilize Front with a single phone number that customers can both call and text is through Dialpad (maybe Aircall as well, not sure). It turns out conversation split...
about 2 months ago in Existing integrations 0 Backlog

Team Chat Box

A team chat box similar to Microsoft teams that would enable team members or groups to chat with each other instead of having to start a discussion. Discussions are too formal and have to be continually archived to be removed from the inbox. They ...
3 months ago in Core Product Experience 0 Backlog

Allow my customers to add others to the meeting invite when they are booking a meeting

Allow my customers to add others to the meeting invite when they are booking a meeting and not have to wait until the meeting is booked and then adding them after. I want to do though is have the customer input those emails as they fill out the li...
3 months ago in Schedule - manage your calendar 0 Backlog

Display team inbox at the top of the left sidebar or disable personal inboxes on sidebar

We use Front for customers service only so the inboxes are shared and team-based. We do not use any personal emails or inboxes in Front. Currently Front shows personal inbox first (mobile app) and desktop top left on the side bar. We would like ab...
3 months ago in Core Product Experience 0 Backlog

Sentiment detection to provide a sentiment score for conversations

Detect sentiment across channels using NLP like Amazon Comprehend and provide sentiment score in sidebar.
3 months ago in Core Product Experience / Insights 0 Backlog

Reoccuring Snoozes / Reminders

It would be great if Front could create a reoccurring snooze or reminder function. Would be great if you need a prompt daily / weekly e.g. pull X report or email customer about upcoming shipment.
about 2 months ago in Snooze 0 Backlog

Add a chat widget landing page to the chat widget

Add a chat widget landing page when visitor opens widget that offers different resources such as ability to start a chat conversation, view previous chat conversations, view Help Center articles, submit a CSAT rating, and more.
8 months ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

CSAT: Multiple survey questions

Allow multiple questions in Customer Satisfaction surveys.
almost 2 years ago in CSAT- Customisation - survey - answers 0 Backlog