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Allow Team admins to create and manage teammate Groups

Allow users other than company admins to manage teammate Groups. This could be done by giving specific users this permission, or by giving this ability to all Team admins.
9 months ago in Teammate Groups 0 Backlog

Basic support for writing code in composer

No description provided
6 months ago in Composer 0 Backlog

Search for calendar events

The ability to search the calendar by event name or invitee to find an existing calendar event.
over 2 years ago in Calendar View 1 Backlog

Add native task management / to-do's function

Please consider adding a native To-do function based on David Allen's Getting Things Done workflow. The integrations in Front do not allow for prioritizing today, and we resort to going to Asana or ToDoist directly, which is not convenient.
2 months ago in Core Product Experience 0 Backlog

Change UI/UX of Front Calendar and scheduling links to make it more modern

There are many scheduling apps currently with way cleaner and nicer UI/UX. Please consider redesigning yours. When we send the scheduling link to our partners/customers with bad design, it affects our brand/reputation.
2 months ago in Scheduling Links 0 Backlog

'recently used' tag dropdown should be increased from 5 to 10 (or adjustable by user)

No description provided
about 1 month ago in Tags 0 Backlog

Scheduling Meeting Polls

Ahead of scheduling the meeting, allow for a link to be sent out to multiple people with multiple time options so that everyone can weigh in and give their preference on a meeting time. From there, the organizer then choose to schedule the meeting...
2 months ago in Schedule - manage your calendar 0 Backlog

Sync calendar events past the next 12 months

Expands the range for syncing calendar to Front past 1 year
4 months ago in Calendar View 0 Backlog

Automatically Archive Calendar Invite after RSVP

When a calendar invite is acknowledged (Yes, Maybe, No), automate archiving of email (or create a prompt for that action)
5 months ago in RSVPs 0 Backlog

Ability to create tables in the composer

Ability to create and edit tables in Front emails (currently you can only paste a table)
over 2 years ago in Composer 1 Backlog