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Add a conversation's custom fields to the front app context api

Currently the WebViewSingleConversationContext context type does not include the conversation's custom fields. This would be helpful information to get initially to find ids for looking up information from other platform apis without having to do ...
10 months ago in Developer Platform 0 Backlog

Ability to archive / undelete message templates

This is truly useful for very large companies.
over 2 years ago in Object/resource management 0 Backlog

Word count metrics for inbound emails

Can you add an average word-count for emails received. The complexity of emails is often a challenge, and counting volume of incoming mails doesn't encapsulate this.
10 months ago in Triage - get to inbox 0 0 Backlog

Attaching dropbox in comments or discussions

We love the ability to "attach" a link from Dropbox but it would be even better if that were an option in comments or discussions. We only get the option in an email. Is this something that can be added as future updates are worked on and implemen...
10 months ago in New integration requests 0 Backlog

Notification or indicator for emoji reactions

No description provided
over 2 years ago in Notifications 0 Backlog

Include attachments in message templates

No description provided
over 2 years ago in Message templates 0 Backlog

HubSpot integration - populate Assigned To variable when logging emails

When we send an email through Front and use the HubSpot integration and logging rule to log to HubSpot, the email is marked as "unassigned" on HubSpot's end and we are unable to assign it after the fact. Because these emails are unassigned, they a...
11 months ago in Existing integrations 0 Backlog

HubSpot plugin - prevent logging to teammates' HubSpot contact records

When using HubSpot plugin, Front logs all emails, sent and received, to your teams' contact records. We don't need these logs on our own contact records. I would love for the HubSpot logging to skip logging to contacts in your own domain, or at le...
11 months ago in Contacts 0 Backlog

Chatbots: Update chatbot transcript UI

Is it possible to update the chatbot transcript so it shows chat bubbles instead of a thread with all the chatbot history? It's better to show maybe 20 of the last messages with chat bubbles.
11 months ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Smaller Chat icon on mobile experience

Adapt the size on the chat widget launcher to be smaller on mobile phones. Now it's quite large and takes up little bit too much space.
11 months ago in Front Chat / Live Chat 0 Backlog