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Google Chat integration

A p4 integration or channel integration with Google Chat so I can communicate with non Front teammates from within Front itself.
6 months ago in Contacts P4 Plugins / New integration requests / Plugins 0 Backlog

Ability to set the width of a plugin as a developer

No description provided
8 months ago in Plugins 0 Backlog

Plugin SDK — ability to list all messages in a conversation

Currently, the listMessages method in the Plugin SDK only lists the messages visible to the user, rather than all messages in a conversation.Although there is a workaround to use the Core API to list messages in the conversation instead, this is n...
7 months ago in Plugins / SDK 0 Backlog

Plugin for Fourthwall

Plugin for e-commerce and membership platform Fourthwall
4 months ago in Developer Platform / Plugins 0 Backlog

Notification API for Plugins

Ability to send notifications to a user even when the plugin is not currently open.
6 months ago in Core API / SDK 0 Backlog