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Customize sound (volume and type) of notification

No description provided
almost 3 years ago in Desktop / Live Chat / Notifications 0 Backlog

Smaller Front Chat bundle size

The size of the Front Chat JS bundle triggers some "Reduce unused JavaScript" warnings when running a Lighthouse page speed test. Is it possible to find any ways to optimize the bundle size of the chat widget, such as only requesting modules I nee...
11 months ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Move conversations between inboxes delegated to me

If a teammate has delegated their inboxes to me, I should be able to move their conversations between their individual inboxes. This can help personal assistants organize conversations into different individual inboxes.
11 months ago in Delegated inboxes 0 Backlog

Log emails from Front to Gainsight

Similar to how the Salesforce and Hubspot rules work
about 1 year ago in Existing integrations 0 Backlog

Better language detection

We use a library, this probably means looking for a better one\.
about 3 years ago in Rule conditions 0 Backlog

CSAT: hide comment

Hide comments from teammates (while still recording results).
over 2 years ago in CSAT - journey 1 Backlog

Ability to Print Discussions (or export/download them)

Suggestion to be able to download or print discussions, both individually and mass export
over 2 years ago in Desktop 1 Backlog

Allow external users to receive emails of chat transcripts

We have external users who don't login to Front who like to see what customers are asking at a glance. When we used Intercom, they could receive chat transcripts in their inbox. If similar functionality was possible at Front that would be great!
3 months ago in Activation / Core Product Experience 0 Backlog

Personalized Calendar Links

When sending a calendar link to a recipient, it would be nice (since this could be a 1 to 1 conversation) to personalize it so their name and email address are already populated, no need to send a generic 'link' where they then have to input their...
3 months ago in Schedule - manage your calendar 0 Backlog

Shortcut for Forward as New Conversation

Good morning Would it be possible to request a shortcut for Forward as a new Conversation please? We forward a lot of itineraries throughout the day and to make sure the subject line is open when I do this, I have to forward as a new conversation....
3 months ago in Core Product Experience 0 Backlog