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Created by Guest
Created on Nov 18, 2023

Connect multiple companies in Front

As the manager of a group of multiple companies, I would like the ability to connect all my companies in Front.

Currently, Front only supports a single company per account, and while the Workspace feature is interesting, it does not fully address the needs of managing multiple companies.

Here are some of those needs:

  • All companies should have their own integrations (i.e., with their own Salesforce account).

  • Each company should be able to have its own plan and receive its own invoices.

  • Some users should have the capability to work across multiple companies.

  • The company's data properties should be transferable, for instance, in the event that a company is sold.

Currently, the two non-satisfying alternatives are: using one shared account for all companies, or requiring individuals who collaborate across multiple companies to constantly log in and out.

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