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Only display teammates in the same workspace (under assignment and mention suggestions)

Minimize room for error and noise when assigning or mentioning someone. Only people within your own workspace should display
1 day ago in  0

Update user logins en masse with CSV upload

To change user logins, teammates or admins have to go into each teammate's personal settings to update the login. In cases of a domain change for a company, this process might have to be repeated hundreds of times. The ability to upload a CSV that...
2 days ago in User Management & Compliance 0

Ability for Front users to disable Oauth in Settings

Right now, users have to write into our Support team in order to disable Oauth login. It would be helpful and reduce bottleneck for users to be able to toggle this in settings.
2 days ago in Security features 0

Log email to a Salesforce case

Customer is asking us to extend our Log Email capabilities in Salesforce to the cases object.
2 days ago in Existing integrations 0

Split "Archived without reply" metric between inbound and outbound conversations

In order to differentiate between "conversations where customer did not reply to us " and "conversations where we did not reply to the customer"
3 days ago in Metrics - misc improvements 1 Backlog

Rank search results based on the recency of the match and not the most recent activity on a conversation

No description provided
3 days ago in Search Ranking 0 Backlog

Turn off contacts auto-suggest

Being able to turn off auto-suggest in composer for all Front users
4 days ago in Composing Email 0 Backlog

Ability to create custom fields via the API

Affect Therapeutics is requesting the ability to create custom fields via the API to help support the rule automations they want to create in-house.
5 days ago in  0

Customizing Chat Widget Launcher Icon

Would love to be able to customize the chat widget launcher icon that appears on our webpage for chat. For example, would be great to be able to replace this with a company icon.
8 days ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Search in .TXT attachment files

70% of the files we receive are in txt file and they are filtered to go to different person/department based on certain words in the txt file
9 days ago in Search location 0 Backlog