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Dedicated "View edit" permissions

Have permissions specific to create/edit/delete Views.
6 months ago in Admin Experience / Resource management permissions 0 Backlog

More Granular Permissions for Moving Messages

Hi! I'd like to be able to restrict moving messages between workspaces. For example, I have an IT workspace that I'd rather users in my Production workspace not be able to move things to. There may also be inboxes in a workspace that people should...

Conversation QA/review system

Does Front have a plan to integrate an automatic QA or review system such that reviews can be posted on Fronts platform only? Workflow idea: Front creates different access levels for Conversation reviewers Those reviewers are the only ones authori...
6 months ago in Admin Experience / Insights 1 Backlog

Move team inboxes to a different workspace

As teams grow on Front sometimes they need to expand from a single workspace into multiple workspaces. That process is extremely difficult and ad hoc.
6 months ago in Admin Experience / Workspaces 0 Backlog

Connect multiple companies in Front

As the manager of a group of multiple companies, I would like the ability to connect all my companies in Front. Currently, Front only supports a single company per account, and while the Workspace feature is interesting, it does not fully address ...
6 months ago in Workspaces 1 Backlog

Message templates - variable in Subject field

Today we can only insert message template variables in the body. The goal here is to be able to use variables in the subject field (optional field) of message templates.
7 months ago in Admin Experience / Message templates 0 Backlog

View login attempt logs as admin

As an admin, I would like to see an audit log of all successful and failed login attempts to our Front account
8 months ago in Login and SSO settings 0 Backlog

Enforce regular password reset

As an admin, I would like to set a policy to force my teammates to reset their Front login password on a regular basis
8 months ago in Login and SSO settings 0 Backlog

Better handling of large spam mailboxes

Currently large spam boxes in Front are impossible to handle. Front has taken the view that users should not be allowed to mass-delete spam and must select each message (not ctrl-A) but for a spam box with 1000s of messages that isn't practical. T...
8 months ago in Bulk updates / Email channels 0 Backlog

Add team roles to Teammate Groups

It would be great to be able to add team roles as a dynamic variable within teammate groups, so they can be referenced in account custom fields for rule-based automations. A use case would be if you had clients that were assigned to a specific tea...
8 months ago in Admin Experience 0 Backlog