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Created on Nov 22, 2023

Conversation QA/review system

Does Front have a plan to integrate an automatic QA or review system such that reviews can be posted on Fronts platform only?

Workflow idea:

  • Front creates different access levels for Conversation reviewers

  • Those reviewers are the only ones authorized to leave reviews on conversations

  • Once a review is posted, the reviewer has the option to mark it on a scorecard based on the metrics set in the settings

  • The review and score are viewable to the one who was given a review and to the ones who have higher access

  • Scores + metrics + conversation-wise metrics can then be imported from analytics for a breakdown of the reviews

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  • Guest
    Nov 22, 2023

    Their current process today:

    We have a number of reviewers who are assigned agents to review

    • The reviewers categorically pick chats that need to be reviewed based on a random/anonymous process. The chats are picked based on their Tags

    • Once the certain chat is selected, it is then reviewed using Klaus's extension

    • The score & review is posted on Klaus

    The suggested approach in the idea above helps them unify the reviewing process so that their conversations and reviews are on Front only. Additionally, they can couple reviews with rules to have a more dynamic reviewing process