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See more similar conversations

It would be helpful if we could: flag suggested conversations that were not helpful (more often than not, there's at least 1 irrelevant suggested similar convo) have the AI generate more similar conversations if possible (when the user flags one o...
7 days ago in AI / AI similar conversations 0 Backlog

Better conversation preview for Similar Conversations

I wish to better understand if a similar conversation is a good one, so I can open it up and get the answer I need. I need to quickly see what a conversation is about. What about seeing a Similar Conversation answer, which is a text saying why thi...
7 days ago in AI / AI similar conversations 0 Backlog

AI suggested replies (Auto-draft) for chat

Same as auto-draft with AI for emails, but for chat
28 days ago in AI / AI suggested replies (auto draft) / Live Chat 0 Backlog

Increase AI tags option

We're trying out the AI tagging system on our main IT mailbox, but the current limit of 10 tags is a bit restrictive for our needs. Ideally, we'd like to be able to set up 15-20 AI tags for better organization.
2 months ago in AI 0

AI Compose with attachments

Allowing AI compose to have context with attachments, including PDFs.
2 months ago in AI / AI compose / Attachments / Compose - write efficiently with quality 0 Backlog

Customizable context for AI summaries

We are excited about the new AI features like summarizing a thread or drafting a message. It would be useful if we had: The ability to summarize, not just the external conversation, but also the internal team comments The ability to summarize mult...
2 months ago in AI / AI summary / Core Product Experience 0

Use different KBs per chatbot/AI answers depending on customer

Jerry Services has multiple internal KBs depending on what insurance company their customer uses - i.e. Geico, FarmersInsurance, Progressive. This brought up an idea where in the future, can we connect multiple KBs to use for AI answers and depend...
3 months ago in AI / AI answer for chat / Knowledge Base 0 Backlog

AI Compose on Mobile App

The AI composer features are a great enhancement and would be even more helpful if they were available in the mobile app.
3 months ago in AI / Core Product Experience 0 Backlog

AI Summary of a conversation is available via the API

Ability to pull the AI Summary of a conversation via the API
3 months ago in AI / Core API 0 Backlog

AI Answers and Suggested replies to leverage All Front Conversation History

Leverage past email history for AI Answers/AI Compose in email
3 months ago in AI / AI knowledge / AI suggested replies (auto draft) / Chatbots 0 Backlog