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See chat guest's site navigation history

We used a different chat app before and used to be able to see the navigation history of the guest we were chatting with, it was really helpful to understand what the guest was looking at at and what other pages he had visited before
7 months ago in Front Chat 0 Backlog

Option to set image in mail to original size.

In replys we often insert screenshots. These are always inserted small and the only way to resize them, is to drag them larger, at the corner of the image. This always results in images, that are not in the correct size. My idea is to add an optio...
7 months ago in Composer 0 Backlog

'Scroll to top' button for Knowledge base

For Knowledge Base it would be great to have a 'top of the page" button in the articles (they can be pretty long) the KB homepages (can contain a lot of articles and categories) It would be great to have it at the bottom, or even better on the rig...
7 months ago in Knowledge Base 0 Backlog

Show tags in teammate sidebars after creation of the tag

At the moment you can't modify, neither see, the list of teammates who have a tag in their sidebars after the creation. I ask to keep this option when the tag is already made
7 months ago in Tags 0 Backlog

Pin article above subsections in the knowledge base

Currently, if we have a section with subsections (folders) and articles in our knowledge base, the automatic ordering is showing subsections above and then the articles below. The articles are ordered in a chronological way, the newly edited ones ...
7 months ago in Knowledge Base 0 Backlog

Nest inboxes similar to Tags

Nest inboxes similar to Tags gives the end user the ability to group together their shared inboxes, reduce clutter and increase efficiency with grouping. In our example we have many shared inboxes for one department and would benefit from reducing...
7 months ago in Triage - get to inbox 0 0 Backlog

Separate save and delete draft buttons on mobile app

On mobile, the delete draft and save draft buttons are too close, causing customers to accidentally delete drafts.
7 months ago in Mobile 0 Backlog

The ability to create Whatsapp message templates directly in Front, rather than having to go to Meta for creation and approval

No description provided
7 months ago in Existing integrations / WhatsApp 0 Backlog

Notify all shared inbox teammates that channel requires reauthorization

Currently, if a channel needs to be reauthorized, only the admin is notified. We should extend this notification to all users, suggesting they contact their admin to reauth.
7 months ago in Channel management 0 Backlog

Shopify Integration - Display Items Ordered and Customer Spend

Hello Team! It would be really handy if we could see at a glance what items the customer has ordered in each order and the spend on each order with a total spend for the customer at the top. This helps us to contextualize our support to the custom...
7 months ago in Existing integrations 0 Backlog