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Filter out Snoozed Emails

In P2, have the ability to filter our emails that reopen from Snooze. Sometimes they can pop up in the middle of a workflow. Or, have a separate tab on the sidebar for only snoozed emails.
10 months ago in Core Product Experience 1 Will not do

Default to last signature in email thread

Dear Product Team, I am writing to you today to suggest a new feature for our product: the ability to keep the last used signature as the default signature in an email thread. I believe this feature would be a valuable addition to our product for ...
10 months ago in Core Product Experience / Signatures 0 Backlog

Forwarding one section of a discussion

It would be great to forward a section of a discussion to a coworker. For instance, if I am having a discussion with my VP and he sends me an attachment with instructions I need to delegate to another member of the team, it would be useful to send...
10 months ago in Internal discussions 0 Backlog

Universal Search across tools

Description: As a Front user I search across multiple tools to do my job and answer the requests I receive. Things like I search for a conversation in Front I search for contact information in my CRM I search for a knowledge base article in my kno...
10 months ago in Search 0 Backlog

Limit SFDC case selection to Case Record Types only

You can add a Case Record Type as a field, but it brings back all Record Types across all objects
10 months ago in Existing integrations 1 Backlog

Highlight row when swiping back from a message on mobile

Similar to the native mail app on the iPhone, it would be great to gray the conversation you just returned from. It’s subtle, but very helpful. I have put a screenshot here to illustrate this better.
10 months ago in Mobile 0 Backlog

Hubspot integration - Log conversation as one e-mail chain in Hubspot

Currently, when logging a conversation in Hubspot through a rule every message is logged as a different message.Would be nice to be able to log them as a single conversation.
10 months ago in Existing integrations 0 Backlog

Hubspot integration - Show rule has taken place

When using a rule to log messages in Hubspot, show that the rule has taken place like with other rules in Front.This was you can be quite sure a message has been logged from Front to Hubspot
10 months ago in Workflows 0 Backlog

Keyboard shortcut: strikethrough

No description provided
over 1 year ago in Composer / Keyboard shortcuts 0 Backlog

Default sending field to BCC for an inbox

Suggestion to have bcc field as default when creating message (new or forwarding, replying)
over 1 year ago in Composer 0 Backlog