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Native co-browsing in Front Chat

It would be helpful to have the ability to natively directly screen-share and video conference in Front Chat without our customers having to leave the chat widget and/or download an external application.
11 months ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Front Chat on the sidebar in Front

It would be great to have Front Chat as a sidebar tab within Front (similar to how intercom works)
about 1 year ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Customizing Chat Widget Launcher Icon

Would love to be able to customize the chat widget launcher icon that appears on our webpage for chat. For example, would be great to be able to replace this with a company icon.
about 1 year ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Ability to verify chat visitor identity using fields besides email

Currently the Chat SDK allows you to verify chat visitor identity using email only. This would allow you to verify chat visitor identity using other fields like phone number or user ID.
over 1 year ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Increase functionality for multiple choice question for Front Chat

Customer would like to: 1) increase the number of options from 8 to something higher. Currently they need 10 but want the chance to expand further in the future 2) Increase the character limit from 35 for these options. The customer has a number o...
about 1 month ago in Chatbots / Front Chat / Live Chat 0

AI Chatbot in Czech language

When our knowledge base and customers are czech speaking, we need the AI to be able to speak back in Czech
about 2 months ago in AI / Chatbots 0 Backlog

Suggest knowledge base links in chat based on key words

When using the website chatbot, it would be awesome when a "key word" from a knowledge base article is used in the question to populate with "does this answer your question" and the article link. Then if it doesn't they can keep typing in the chat...
2 months ago in Chatbots / Knowledge Base 1 Backlog

Chat Visitors can view their chat history / prior tickets when accessing chat widget

Chat visitors can view their chat conversation history. This is important if the chat widget lives in a portal for current customers and they can view their prior chat history
3 months ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Pass custom conversation fields through Front Chat SDK

I'd like to be able to pass custom conversation fields through the Front Chat SDK. Currently it only allows me to pass custom contact fields through. This is problematic because sometimes the fields will be specific to that conversation, and I don...
7 months ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Set chatbot hours and/or conditionally split chatbot responses based on hours

At a high level we would like to be able to only have our chatbot run in Off Hours and have our support representatives handle all live conversation during business hours. So part 1 of the request: be able to set the chatbot to only turn on during...
7 months ago in Live Chat 0 Planned