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Mobile support for calendar

Ability to access calendar in the Front mobile app for iOS and Android
about 3 years ago in Mobile 16 Launched
181 VOTE

OpenAI / GPT integration for Front

Compose messages and summarize conversations using AI.
over 1 year ago in Composer 9 Launched

Knowledge Base / Help Center

The Front Knowledge Base allows teams to create, organize, and publish a library of information to provide dependable resolutions for common or complex inquiries. The Front Knowledge Base includes a customizable site that allows customers and/or t...
over 1 year ago in Knowledge Base 3 Launched

"Move message to a new conversation" rule action

The ability to create a rule to split conversations will be useful for users that utilize the conversation threading option and have some recurrent emails arriving on the same thread for different reasons. Today customers are forced to split those...
12 months ago in Workflows 2 Launched

Ability to reorder articles manually in the knowledge base

Today, the order in which articles appear in a KB depends on when they were last modified. Users are unable to manually update the ordering. This feature would allow users to change the order in which articles show up.
7 months ago in Knowledge Base 3 Launched

Company wide tags

Today tags are Team-specific. Companies with multiple Teams have to use a distinct *Urgent* tag. Those tags show up as duplicates in rules, analytics, etc. It also means that when a conversation is moved from Team A to Team B, we strip all existin...
about 3 years ago in Workspaces 3 Launched

Native WhatsApp channel integration

Send and receive messages on WhatsApp Business channels directly from Front.
about 2 years ago in New integration requests 0 Launched

Rule action to mute unsubscribe conversation

No description provided
about 3 years ago in Missing core rule actions 7 Launched

Google My Business integration

No description provided
over 2 years ago in New integration requests 5 Launched

Contacts Auto-suggest Improvements

Improve contacts auto-suggest for Front composer so that contacts each individual user has personally emailed show up on top of the dropdown list
over 1 year ago in Contacts 4 Launched