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Forwarding one section of a discussion

It would be great to forward a section of a discussion to a coworker. For instance, if I am having a discussion with my VP and he sends me an attachment with instructions I need to delegate to another member of the team, it would be useful to send...
8 months ago in Internal discussions 0 Backlog

Universal Search across tools

Description: As a Front user I search across multiple tools to do my job and answer the requests I receive. Things like I search for a conversation in Front I search for contact information in my CRM I search for a knowledge base article in my kno...
8 months ago in Search 0 Backlog

Limit SFDC case selection to Case Record Types only

You can add a Case Record Type as a field, but it brings back all Record Types across all objects
9 months ago in Existing integrations 1 Backlog

Highlight row when swiping back from a message on mobile

Similar to the native mail app on the iPhone, it would be great to gray the conversation you just returned from. It’s subtle, but very helpful. I have put a screenshot here to illustrate this better.
9 months ago in Mobile 0 Backlog

Hubspot integration - Log conversation as one e-mail chain in Hubspot

Currently, when logging a conversation in Hubspot through a rule every message is logged as a different message.Would be nice to be able to log them as a single conversation.
9 months ago in Existing integrations 0 Backlog

Hubspot integration - Show rule has taken place

When using a rule to log messages in Hubspot, show that the rule has taken place like with other rules in Front.This was you can be quite sure a message has been logged from Front to Hubspot
9 months ago in Workflows 0 Backlog

Add a conversation's custom fields to the front app context api

Currently the WebViewSingleConversationContext context type does not include the conversation's custom fields. This would be helpful information to get initially to find ids for looking up information from other platform apis without having to do ...
9 months ago in Developer Platform 0 Backlog

Ability to import Apple Contacts

As a new user I'd really love to be able to import my existing Apple contacts into Front via the Apple vCard (.vcf) export file.
9 months ago in Contacts 0 Backlog

Word count metrics for inbound emails

Can you add an average word-count for emails received. The complexity of emails is often a challenge, and counting volume of incoming mails doesn't encapsulate this.
9 months ago in Triage - get to inbox 0 0 Backlog

Attaching dropbox in comments or discussions

We love the ability to "attach" a link from Dropbox but it would be even better if that were an option in comments or discussions. We only get the option in an email. Is this something that can be added as future updates are worked on and implemen...
9 months ago in New integration requests 0 Backlog