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Contacts P4 Plugins

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Google Chat integration

A p4 integration or channel integration with Google Chat so I can communicate with non Front teammates from within Front itself.
6 months ago in Contacts P4 Plugins / New integration requests / Plugins 0 Backlog

Improving the Hubspot plugin

Better email logging: e.g. being able to search for the company and deal that a contact might be associated with and then log the email to those specific records. Allow admins to customize display fields for all teammates Associate newly created d...
8 months ago in Contacts P4 Plugins 3 Backlog

Confirmation of Contact Created in SFDC Plug-in

When a contact is created in the SFDC P4 Plug-in, there is no definitive confirmation that the contact has been created. This leads to confusion and duplicate entries of the same contact into our SFDC database
5 months ago in Contacts P4 Plugins 0 Backlog