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Add an 'is_archived' flag to the tag API response

As per the title suggests, currently there is no way to tell if a tag returned by the 'List tags' endpoint is archived or not (please correct me if Im wrong). As Im trying to automate the process of tagging email, I recently ran into an issue wher...
about 1 month ago in Developer Platform 0 Backlog

Allow user to disable email notifications for failed contact sync

While there has been a sync error, for us it's not the end of the world. Therefore if there are some sync errors we really don't need the daily notification email warning us.
about 1 month ago in Existing integrations 0 Backlog

Multiple plugins open simultaneously

Sometimes I need to copy multiple fields of information directly from one plugin to another. Having multiple plugins all open could also allow more of a customizable "dashboard" experience in Front.
about 1 month ago in Developer Platform 0 Backlog

Application Webhooks: Disable webhook subscription as a developer

I offer a partner integration containing an Application Webhook. My customers can start with a trial period, during which I will ingest data from a Front Application Webhook. If my customer's trial period ends and they do not convert, I want to st...
about 1 month ago in Developer Platform / Partner Integrations 0 Backlog

Application Webhooks: Configure which inboxes to receive notifications from

As a developer, when I create an Application Webhook I will receive notifications for all events of the type(s) I subscribed to, across all shared inboxes. My app users may only want to monitor a subset of their inboxes with my app, so I receive a...
about 1 month ago in Developer Platform / Partner Integrations 0 Backlog

Phone Number Handle - Redirect Configuration

Add the ability to configure the link on phone number handle as a redirect to the phone system of choice for a customer. Right now it opens up a new Conversation in Front and it would be more helpful if there was flexibility to open up a VOIP instead
about 2 months ago in Partner Integrations 0 Backlog

Support lookup for @ user and # channel mentions in Slack

Integration of lookups for Slack users/groups and Slack channels within the Front interface. This will enable you to lookup people and Slack channels directly from Front to help redirect people to the correct channels/people. Basically work in the...
about 2 months ago in Existing integrations 0 Backlog

Fetch Google location (and other values) from Google Business Messages payload

Having the Google Business Messages integration is a great feature. However, with more than 200 Business profile locations on Google connected to the same agent, it's difficult to get an overview of what location customers started the Business Mes...
about 2 months ago in Developer Platform 0 Backlog

Search Conversation Endpoint - More flexible Date paramters

The search conversation endpoint has limited date-searching parameters. 'Before' and 'After' are only able to filter by a conversation's first message. There is a need to search for Conversations by the most recent message timestamp.
about 2 months ago in Core API 0 Backlog

Add Affinity as a plug-in

No description provided
about 2 months ago in New integration requests 0 Backlog