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Add Tags to Sidebar by default

When creating a new subtag in the sidebar by clicking the three dot drop down, the default is to not have "show in sidebar" checked. It would make more sense to default to checking this box. It's very easy to remove a tag sitting on the sidebar, b...
about 2 months ago in P1 navigation - left pane / Tags 1 Backlog

Ability to hide the left sidebar

Ability to hide left sidebar to focus just on the conversations list and reading pane
4 months ago in P1 navigation - left pane 2 Backlog

Enable notifications for discussions

Enable pop up notifications for discussions (Not just conversations with emails and comments)
over 2 years ago in Notifications 0 Backlog

Pin tag for a teammate after it has been created (not just during creation)

Ability to pin tags from the Edit flow for a tag
7 months ago in P1 navigation - left pane 0 Backlog

Sound notification in chat

I would like a sound notification for when a text is received. If I’m in multiple chats unless you’re going back and forth between the chats you have no notification option beside a number to see if a response has been had. NPS-survey response.
5 days ago in Notifications 0

Increase limit for pinned inboxes in sidebar to over 500

If you are using Front as a one stop email service for personal email as well as work, 500 pinned inboxes/folders really isn't enough, especially if you are in sales and break up your prospects/customers into individual pinned tags/inboxes/views. ...
about 2 months ago in P1 navigation - left pane 0 Backlog

Change order of team workspaces

Ability for users to reorder Team workspaces in their sidebar
over 2 years ago in P1 navigation - left pane 0 Backlog

Starred folder should have a counter

Today, the Starred folder does not have a count next to it. Suggestion to treat this folder like others in the sidebar and have a counter.
23 days ago in P1 navigation - left pane 0 Backlog

@ Mention Activity Log in a Notification Center

I am hoping it would possible to build-in a notification center that would house all activity where I am (or users) @ mentioned. If this is not possible, modifying rule limitations to expand across all inboxes I have access to, to apply a custom p...
2 months ago in Notifications 0 Backlog

Granular setting to only show calendar notifications

Notification setting that only allows calendar notifications and mutes all other types of notifications
3 months ago in Notifications 0 Backlog