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Created on Mar 31, 2023

@ Mention activity view or notification center

I am hoping it would possible to build-in a notification center that would house all activity where I am (or users) @ mentioned. If this is not possible, modifying rule limitations to expand across all inboxes I have access to, to apply a custom private tag when I am @ mentioned.

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  • Guest
    Apr 26, 2024

    Our team has found that Front notifications are ineffective due to only showing up within the operating system.

    @mentions as they are currently implemented are especially unhelpful, due to lack of central access and visibility for them inside the app - they become missed and de facto hidden without being seen/read as a result.

    In addition to or as an alternative to the suggested Notification/Activity Center - adding a Sidebar View for "My @mentions" would solve this issue for our team. Either configurable as a custom View, and/or setup by default under "Me > Inbox"

    Additionally - adding "Mentions" as an option in the "Filter by" menu would offer another means for more quickly finding mentions within specific inboxes or other views.

  • Guest
    Feb 1, 2024

    I get added automatically to many different types of convos (complaints, etc.) which are less urgent than @ mentions. I'd like a view of just the @ mentions so I can more easily prioritize reviewing/responding to those quickly.