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Analytics for chats initiated on different visitor URLs

We would like a report of what pages customers initiate help requests through our Chat widget.
9 months ago in Live Chat 0 Backlog

Add an integration with GitHub, particularly for the Knowledge base.

This would allow multiple people to collaborate on the Knowledge base via push and pull requests. It would also allow us to replace our very expensive Gitbooks subscription and keep everything within Front.
9 months ago in Developer Platform / Knowledge Base 0 Backlog

Social Imaging Previews for Help Center Articles

My company uses social channels as true support and communication routes. We share a lot of our current support articles on X and other avenues, and those links have a preview image that helps users legitimize the link we're sharing. It'd be great...
9 months ago in Knowledge Base 0 Backlog

Add team roles to Teammate Groups

It would be great to be able to add team roles as a dynamic variable within teammate groups, so they can be referenced in account custom fields for rule-based automations. A use case would be if you had clients that were assigned to a specific tea...
9 months ago in Admin Experience 0 Backlog

Custom Hotkeys / Specific Tag Hotkeys

Sorting through emails and adding tags takes multiple clicks, should be able to assign a tag with 1 button. Furthermore, we should be able to edit hotkeys to our preference vs the few standard preset options.
9 months ago in Keyboard shortcuts / Triage - get to inbox 0 0 Backlog

TrustPilot integration

No description provided
almost 3 years ago in New integration requests 0 Backlog

Embed analytics reports on your own website

Display Front reporting on your public website to showcase reply times and other relevant metrics to your customers.
about 2 years ago in Insights - Other 0 Backlog

Option for imported Tags to be private

When we first began with Front all of our Outlook folders from all of our employees became Tags. As a result we had over 100 different Tags. All of those imported Tags were available/visible to all of our employees. It would be better if we could ...
9 months ago in Email channels / Tags 0 Backlog

Make private archive action visible on activity timeline

No description provided
9 months ago in Triage - get to inbox 0 0 Backlog

Add a "Today" button on the vacation responder date picker

No description provided
9 months ago in Vacation responders 0 Backlog