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Salesforce CRM Sync - Ability to pause sync

Conversation with 1Password:
about 2 months ago in Existing integrations / Other (Contacts) 0 Backlog

Salesforce CRM Sync - Custom sync schedule

Customer: "We want to run the syncs post office hours and not during work hours. The reason is that the Front syncs might impact the performance of Salesforce during the day and as Salesforce is our source of truth for a number of other tools, it ...
about 2 months ago in Existing integrations / Other (Contacts) 0 Backlog

Allow bulk updates to append messages to signatures

We would like to be able to add a company wide message to each teammate signature without having to edit each one individually. This would be useful for office closings or other announcements that should go out with each email.
about 2 months ago in Signatures 0 Backlog

Allow Dynamic Objects to recognize the text of attachments

Currently Dynamic objects cannot read the text of attachments to have the rules applied. It would be great if it could so we could write the rules based on how an attachment was named.
2 months ago in Dynamic objects 0 Backlog

Historical import for Instagram DMs

The Instagram DM integration would be much more useful if it would import old conversations. This would be useful especially when onboarding onto Front, as the previous context for a conversation is often important to understanding the customer's ...
2 months ago in Existing integrations 0 Backlog

Dynamic Objects: Extract text from the linked external URL/website for the title of the dynamic object

Dynamic objects are great, but it would be AMAZING if it were possible to have dynamic objects have a dynamic variable option to pull text from the linked external URL/website as the title of the dynamic variable. Currently, for URLs, we can use t...
2 months ago in Dynamic objects 3 Backlog

Flag to control draft window is active

Currently, using Front-SDK, the behavior of createDraft() creates the draft and put the draft in an active pop-up window. However, if calling the functionality via Front CORE API (draft), the draft is only available on the end-user draft inbox. It...
2 months ago in Core API 0 Backlog

Dynamically Display Knowledge Base Articles based on custom fields

Once or if we support the ability gate Knowledge Base behind a login page, then the Knowledge Base could dynamically show articles based on the user's custom fields tied to their account. For example, if a school provides a Knowledge Base to paren...
2 months ago in Knowledge Base 0 Backlog

Knowledge base external integration with Wordpress

Integrate articles from Wordpress site to Knowledge base articles
2 months ago in Knowledge Base 0 Backlog

Use dynamic objects in message templates

Front users will soon be able to populate their message templates with information from their dynamic objects. Quickly compose messages with important information such as order status, shipment ETA, reservation date, and more without needing to ma...
2 months ago in Dynamic objects 1 Planned