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Option to include attachments in replies to message with attachment

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almost 3 years ago in Attachments 0 Backlog

Separate Internal Comments From Email Thread

We would like a view that separates the internal chat comments from the email threads, a view to partition the two separately. Right now we have chats between internal users intertwined within the email thread and it looks cumbersome. Our ag...
about 1 year ago in Comments / @ mentions 0 Backlog

ability to review meetings scheduled via scheduling link instead of auto-accepting

It would be super helpful to have an option to manually review or auto accept for meetings scheduled using a scheduling link. I have customers who use this link over and over again to continuously schedule meetings without notice and it auto-accep...
about 1 year ago in Scheduling Links 0 Backlog

Add "View in Front" button to header or hyperlink subject line

For Front email notifications, it'd be great if the 'View in Front' button existed in the header somewhere. When a thread gets too long, you have to click 'View entire email' in Gmail to display that button. Even if something like the subject line...
about 1 year ago in Notifications 0 Backlog

Share drafts by default when creating a new conversation

"Shared draft" as default behaviour for a shared inbox (instead of personal draft) – when creating a new conversation (via compose button), not only on reply. Example: we have a shared inbox e.g. "accounting". we draft invoice emails sometimes wee...

Improvements to subject line handling in message templates

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about 2 years ago in Message templates 0 Backlog

Polls in emails and discussions

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Ability to use tables in discussions composer.

It would help us to communicate data from external information within Front and keep things moving lighting fast with our teams. : )
about 1 year ago in Core Product Experience / Internal discussions 0 Backlog

All mail filter

One very useful filter on Gmail is the ALL Mail filter. Would you consider adding to your Roadmap please.
about 1 year ago in Core Product Experience 0 Will not do

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