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Views And (inclusive) Conditions

The ability for Views to have an "AND" condition (rather than OR). Example: I want the view to shown me all conversations with Tag A and Tag B applied. Currently Views would show conversation with either Tag A or Tag B applied.
22 days ago in Views 0 Backlog

Forward Action in Company Rules

Enable the "Forward to" action in custom rules at the Company Rule Level - currently only available in Workspace level rules.
23 days ago in Company rules / Rules 0 Backlog

Ability to create a rule to Split Conversations

The ability to create a rule to split conversations will be useful for users that utilize the conversation threading option and have some recurrent emails arriving on the same thread for different reasons. Today customers are forced to split those...
23 days ago in Workflows 0 Backlog

Require Tagging before conversation created

If a workspace requires a tag to be applied to all emails, then conversation should not be allowed to be created with a tag being applied first. An alternative would be to disable the "Send & Archive" option until a tag is applied.
30 days ago in Workflows 0 Backlog

Turn off rules, when vacation is set

Currenly, we have rules to autoreply to emails. When we are on annual leave and our vacation reponser is set, it still sends the 'rules', so they get our usual autoreponser, in addition to the vacation responser.
about 1 month ago in Workflows 0 Backlog

Fallback condition for assignment rules if user is set to Out of Office

This would be fallback clause you could have for a rule if a user is set to OOO and unable to be assigned a conversation via a rule. Essentially, it would allow you to select another action if the assignment is unable to be completed due the teamm...
about 1 month ago in Workflows 0

Shared Inbox Company Rules

Would love to have the ability to generate company rules, such as SLAs, company wide but geared towards specific shared inboxes. The intention is to create uniformity in company based rules as opposed to individual shared inbox rules.
about 1 month ago in Workflows 0 Backlog

Microsoft Teams <> Front OOO Sync

Native two way sync between Teams and Front OOO status. Toggling OOO in Teams would toggle OOO in Front and vice versa. (Behavior between Teams and Outlook today)
about 1 month ago in New integration requests / Workflows 0 Backlog

The ability to view & search within all rules that a company has

Giving admins the ability to have a top-down view of all rules that their company has. Would allow admins to search for specific rules based on their conditions.
about 2 months ago in Company rules 0 Backlog

Allow access to "Now" timestamp in Rules

I have a rule which assesses the value of, and changes a Date and time type custom field on a Contact record.I want to set the value of this custom field to "Now" in the rule, but this has to be achieved by fetching the date of the Message trigger...
about 2 months ago in Time-based options 0