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See how a rule works during rule creation

As an Admin, I want to be able to create a rule and immediately see how it impacts my inbox while I am creating the rule, so that I don't need to wait a few days to better understand whether it's behaving in the way that I need it to behave. Pleas...
3 months ago in Rule management / Workflows 1

Ability to create a rule to Split Conversations

The ability to create a rule to split conversations will be useful for users that utilize the conversation threading option and have some recurrent emails arriving on the same thread for different reasons. Today customers are forced to split those...
24 days ago in Workflows 0 Backlog

Rule action to mute unsubscribe conversation

No description provided
about 2 years ago in Missing core rule actions 1 Backlog

OOO status should allow re-assignment but no new assignments

OOO status to allow conversations that were once assigned to a teammate to be re-assigned, but no new conversations to be assigned.
4 months ago in Teammate availability 1 Backlog

The ability to view & search within all rules that a company has

Giving admins the ability to have a top-down view of all rules that their company has. Would allow admins to search for specific rules based on their conditions.
about 2 months ago in Company rules 0 Backlog

Improvements to Shift scheduling

Rather than only supporting recurring weekly shifts, add calendar shifts so that customers can plan holidays, changes in schedule week over week, etc.
over 2 years ago in Teammate availability 0 Backlog

Better language detection

We use a library, this probably means looking for a better one\.
about 2 years ago in Rule conditions 0 Backlog

Planned vacation overriding Shifts

Admin have to edit shifts each time a teammate goes on vacation. This makes it impossible to leverage Shifts above a few dozen teammates (you have to edit them every single day to account for every single PTO). To avoid this needless management wo...
11 months ago in Teammate availability 2 Backlog

Assign overriding OOO through rules

This is valuable for roles like account managers when time is not of the essence.
over 2 years ago in Assign 0 Backlog

Views And (inclusive) Conditions

The ability for Views to have an "AND" condition (rather than OR). Example: I want the view to shown me all conversations with Tag A and Tag B applied. Currently Views would show conversation with either Tag A or Tag B applied.
23 days ago in Views 0 Backlog