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Export Busiest Times heat map of volumes as csv

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23 days ago in Insights 0 Backlog

Improve the visibility of the names of Analytics views when multiple are pinned

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25 days ago in Insights 0 Backlog

Add a "Select all" option in tag filters for Analytics

When you want to report on all tags except a few, you can Select all > deselect the few you don't want.
2 months ago in Insights 1 Backlog

Split "Archived without reply" metric between inbound and outbound conversations

In order to differentiate between "conversations where customer did not reply to us " and "conversations where we did not reply to the customer"
2 months ago in Metrics - misc improvements 1 Backlog

Sentiment detection to provide a sentiment score for conversations

Detect sentiment across channels using NLP like Amazon Comprehend and provide sentiment score in sidebar.
3 months ago in Core Product Experience / Insights 0 Backlog

Customize Analytics report layout

Ability to resize, move, duplicate, or rearrange objects (graphs, tables, etc) in Analytics report.
4 months ago in Analytics Widgets / Insights 0 Backlog

Custom table in Analytics

Ability to create a custom tables in Analytics by selecting metrics used, columns and lines content.

Hide CSAT links on WhatsApp conversations

Hide survey links sent in Whatsapp conversations to prevent teammates from filling out the CSAT survey for themselves.

New metric: first reply handle time

In Analytics, measure handle time for first reply only
4 months ago in Analytics - Times 0 Backlog

Filter analytics by teammate Group

Use your teammate Groups as filters in analytics to monitor team performance.
8 months ago in Analytics - filters - New filters 0 Backlog