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Tag-triggered transitions for conversation stages

No description provided
26 days ago in Conversation Stages 0 Backlog

Multiple CSAT surveys per workspace

No description provided
26 days ago in CSAT 0 Backlog

Core API: Support Conversation Linking

Please introduce API support for Linked Conversations ( )
26 days ago in Core API 0

Integration Request

WooCommerce Integration Request
26 days ago in New integration requests 0

Company-wide email templates

The ability to create message templates that are accessible across multiple workspaces, when it's not feasible for all who need access to also have access to the same workspace.

API Request log dashboard

As a developer, sometimes it's hard to determine why my API requests are failing, and I need to reach out to the support team for assistance with my API usage. It would be super helpful to see logs of all API requests issued via my account in a da...
28 days ago in Channel API / Core API / Dev Relations 0

Aircall integration improvements

From a customer survey: "Typically you will need to login over and over or reload if you use aircall within front. I have always had to use the separate aircall application."
28 days ago in Existing integrations 0

Expose Conversation Custom Fields to Plugin SDK

Right now if we need to access custom fields on a Conversation via the Plugin SDK, we need to issue a server-side API request to GET /conversations/:id. It would be helpful to expose conversation custom fields to the Plugin SDK in the same way as ...
28 days ago in SDK 0

Integration Request

Linnworks - E-Commerce company who need integrations with E-commerce softwares (Amazon + Ebay + Others). Operate these integrations through Linnworks.
about 1 month ago in New integration requests 0

Integration Request

Prospect wants WooCommerce Integration. 3 seats on Growth.
about 1 month ago in New integration requests 0