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Analytics Functionality

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Filter analytics by teammate Group

Use your teammate Groups as filters in analytics to monitor team performance.
12 months ago in Analytics - filters - New filters 0 Planned

Customize Analytics report layout

Ability to resize, move, duplicate, or rearrange objects (graphs, tables, etc) in Analytics report.
8 months ago in Analytics Widgets / Insights 1 Backlog

Real-time dashboard of activity in Front

Create a real-time dashboard to showcase what's happening *now* in front so you can have a "captain of a ship" view of what's going on. Imagine a screen where you could see staffing, wait & response time, volume of requests, numbers of open/un...
over 1 year ago in Real time Analytics 0 Backlog

Custom table in Analytics

Ability to create a custom tables in Analytics by selecting metrics used, columns and lines content.

Ability to choose date aggregation in graphs & previous period in Analytics

No description provided
over 2 years ago in Analytics - Widgets - timeline 0 Backlog

Make all new individual inboxes visible to analytics by default

No description provided
over 2 years ago in Analytics - Permissions 0 Backlog