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Created on Feb 17, 2023

Analytics based on info created after a segment is closed

At the moment, our Analytics paradigm is that you report based on context at event time (or events happening within the Analytics segment). After that segment is closed you cannot update that data anymore. For instance, you cannot add a tag and retroactively filter on it for data in the past 5 years.

This is a feature: we don't want data to be changeable forever. Otherwise, you can't reliably audit what happened in the past. But it can also be frustrating as it means:

  • You can't track Account coms before the contacts are added to the Account

  • You cannot add tags in batches long after the fact (this is true since Jan '23 when we changed how segments closed)

  • You can't filter on a specific email if it's not linked to a contact/account at the time of the event.

  • Fix wrongly applied tag (e.g tag with customer name with rules based on email containing ssp but got some wrong ones)

  • Attach files