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CES: Customer Effort Score - Analytic metric

Description of the Feature: The Customer Effort Score (CES) is a critical metric for assessing the ease with which customers can interact with a support team to resolve their issues. It is a survey post-interaction with customers asking something ...
8 days ago in Metrics 1 Backlog

New metric: first reply handle time

In Analytics, measure handle time for first reply only
10 months ago in Analytics - Times 0 Backlog

Configure business hours and shifts as a calendar

Instead of "From 9 to 5 from Mon to Fri", be able to say "From 9 to 5 from Mon to Fri, except on Dec 25, Jan 1, etc". This allows to take plan for holidays, teammate PTOs, company events, etc.
almost 3 years ago in OOO - Analytics 1 Backlog

Global Inbox Inactivity Period

The ability to set a global inactivity period for all inboxes. At present Close conversation segment if inactive for can only be set on a per inbox basis. Creates a massive manual lift if a company needs to mass update all their inboxes.
4 months ago in Analytics - Conversation origin and journey 0 Backlog

Report on individual tags

No description provided
over 1 year ago in Analytics - Breakdown - Tags 0 Backlog

Add internal discussions to Analytics

No description provided
almost 3 years ago in Metrics by type 0 Backlog

Split "Archived without reply" metric between inbound and outbound conversations

In order to differentiate between "conversations where customer did not reply to us " and "conversations where we did not reply to the customer"
9 months ago in Metrics - misc improvements 1 Backlog

Customer reply time in Analytics

Measure reply time from your customers to your messages.
almost 3 years ago in Outbound analytics 0 Backlog