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Allow company name to be updated in CSAT survey URL

No description provided
5 days ago in CSAT - Customisation - survey - Link 0 Backlog

Display upcoming SLA breaches in the Live Dashboard

No description provided
7 days ago in Insights 0 Backlog

See more similar conversations

It would be helpful if we could: flag suggested conversations that were not helpful (more often than not, there's at least 1 irrelevant suggested similar convo) have the AI generate more similar conversations if possible (when the user flags one o...
12 days ago in AI / AI similar conversations 0 Backlog

Better conversation preview for Similar Conversations

I wish to better understand if a similar conversation is a good one, so I can open it up and get the answer I need. I need to quickly see what a conversation is about. What about seeing a Similar Conversation answer, which is a text saying why thi...
12 days ago in AI / AI similar conversations 0 Backlog

Bulk upload Shifts

Mass changes for large teams in shifts are difficult to adjust in the product. Uploading via CSV would reduce the time needed to take these actions.
28 days ago in Admin Experience 0 Backlog

Use AI to create dynamic message templates from a base template.

A lot of times in Customer Support scenarios we have to send the same message template to the same customer which isn't ideal. I think it would be really cool if a customer could input a base for a template and then AI could sent out the same mess...
29 days ago in Message templates 0 Backlog

AI suggested replies (Auto-draft) for chat

Same as auto-draft with AI for emails, but for chat
about 1 month ago in AI / AI suggested replies (auto draft) / Live Chat 0 Backlog

Add GIF reactions on Front Mobile App

Add GIF reactions on Front Mobile App - our team uses reactions constantly to confirm receipt of comments and messages, but you cannot react on the mobile app to GIFs in the comments.
about 1 month ago in Mobile 0 Backlog

Custom Role and Permissions at the Company Level

The ability to give custom admin access without giving full company permissions.
about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 1 Backlog

API endpoint to query Live Dashboard metrics

No description provided
about 1 month ago in Insights 0 Backlog