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Give customer the choice between multiple 3rd party spell checkers

Currently Front supports spell checking using Grammarly. However, some customers would prefer to have the choice the use other spell checkers, like Microsoft spell checker, as there are cases where they can provide better suggestions.
4 months ago in Composer 1 Will not do

Core API: Delete Channel endpoint

As a developer, I would like the ability to delete channels via the API. Specifically custom channels which were created via the API - The inability to do this has lead to hitting channel limits ...
4 months ago in Core API 0 Will not do

All mail filter

One very useful filter on Gmail is the ALL Mail filter. Would you consider adding to your Roadmap please.
12 months ago in Core Product Experience 0 Will not do

Filter out Snoozed Emails

In P2, have the ability to filter our emails that reopen from Snooze. Sometimes they can pop up in the middle of a workflow. Or, have a separate tab on the sidebar for only snoozed emails.
about 1 year ago in Core Product Experience 1 Will not do