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Expand Dark Mode to the rest of the UI

Calendar User settings
over 2 years ago in Other (CPX) 0 Backlog

Internal/External Out of Office

Hello Can we extend the vacation responder so you can set one responder for internal and another for external. We often need to provide different responses to the inside and outside of the organisation.
6 months ago in Vacation responders 0 Backlog

Print or PDF entire conversation including comments

Teams that deal with sensitive content that may be subject to audit are looking for a way to take a snapshot of all content (emails/comments) on a conversation so they can store it elsewhere.
6 months ago in Printing 0 Backlog

Ability to set "Session Idle Timeout" at Team and Individual User level

Currently the "Session idle timeout" function can only be applied at a company level; we have different employees with different roles and different times they should/shouldn't be getting assigned emails (i.e. some all the time, some should stop b...
8 months ago in Core Product Experience / Other (CPX) 1 Backlog

Attachments indicator when you print

No description provided
over 2 years ago in Printing 0 Backlog

Add Read Receipts to Emails

Read receipts are required for some parts of our projects. The "Seen" function that does not list who exactly it was seen by, does not help us. It would be a great function if we could see exactly who read the email, and what date and time. Or eve...
5 months ago in Other (CPX) 0 Backlog

Ability to Print without Tags

Have an option that allows print to be used without tags listed
8 months ago in Printing 0 Backlog

Make the 'printed by {username}' optional

When printing a mail 'printed by {username}' is added before the content. Could this be made optional (like the print attachments)?
8 months ago in Other (CPX) 0 Backlog

Delete a single message in the thread

From admin perspective I do not extend permissions to permanently delete emails to end users, since often they ask me to restore thing deleted in error or move to trash by spam filtering. All users have permission to delete/mark as spam, however, ...

Ask where to save each file before downloading

Hi, I think it would be nice to have the option to be asked where each file will be saved before downloading, like google chrome does.
5 months ago in Other (CPX) 0 Backlog