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WeTransfer integration
over 1 year ago in New integration requests 0 Backlog

Notification API for Plugins

Ability to send notifications to a user even when the plugin is not currently open.
over 1 year ago in Core API / SDK 0 Backlog

Add activity in-line when email has automatically Smart Merged

Our team has very long and complex correspondence day to day and it does become difficult at times to realize at what point an email has been smart merged. It would be ideal if this was highlighted at point of merge in the email or at the latest u...
over 1 year ago in Merge / privacy leaks / threading 0 Backlog

Save search location change even if no search is submitted

I constantly find myself changing the default search target from "All inboxes" to "Inbox". I can't think of a case to always want to search all teams I have access to. I think the default should be the current hierarchy and it should remember if I...
over 1 year ago in Search location 2 Backlog

Change UI/UX of Front Calendar and scheduling links to make it more modern

There are many scheduling apps currently with way cleaner and nicer UI/UX. Please consider redesigning yours. When we send the scheduling link to our partners/customers with bad design, it affects our brand/reputation.
over 1 year ago in Calendar View / Scheduling Links 0 Backlog

Ability for Front users to disable Oauth in Settings

Right now, users have to write into our Support team in order to disable Oauth login. It would be helpful and reduce bottleneck for users to be able to toggle this in settings, and for admins to be able to do it on their behalf.
over 1 year ago in Login and SSO settings 0 Backlog

Skip a rule if the activity (trigger) is API-created rather than human created

As an Admin, I want the ability to add a rule condition that stops a rule from running if it's triggered by an API rather than human creation.
over 1 year ago in Workflows 0 Backlog

Improved API support for bulk or batch imports/updates of resources

As an API user, the ability to create batches of resources, specifically Tags and Contacts, would be very helpful. I regularly hit my API rate limit when trying to migrate large groups of Contacts into Front
over 1 year ago in Developer Platform 0 Backlog

Salesforce Admin - Update Configuration for Teammate Groups

Basically an addition to the 'Save for all' button on the admin view for the SFDC plugin that would allow you to save for a specific team, or teammate Group
over 1 year ago in Existing integrations 0 Backlog

Automatically switch signatures based on tags

We think this would be a nice feature: being able to automatically switch signatures based on tags. So, if a conversation has tag A, use signature X. This could even simply work with the existing rules feature. The signatures could be added to the...
over 1 year ago in Core Product Experience 0 Backlog