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Contact Lists to display which rules use them

Having contact lists display a list of rules that they're included in would be very helpful for keeping track of which contacts will be affected by different rules.
6 months ago in Contacts Manager 0 Backlog

Api access to teammate status

the green, orange and red dot should be accessible via the api on the teammate object
12 months ago in Core API 2 Backlog

Keyboard shortcut: mark as read/unread // 11 conversations linked
over 3 years ago in Triage - get to inbox 0 0 Backlog

Change order of team workspaces

Ability for users to reorder Team workspaces in their sidebar
over 3 years ago in P1 navigation - left pane 1 Backlog

Allow an external link on the logo in KB

We'd like to be able to link our main website to the logo in our KB so customers can navigate back there if they need to.
6 months ago in Knowledge Base 0 Backlog

Mention or tag users in social media posts

Allow Front users to mention people when posting responding to comments on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels. From customer: Our primary goal is to increase engagement directly on the posts. Shifting conversations to DMs would s...
6 months ago in Existing integrations 0 Backlog

Keyboard shortcut: highlighting words

Just convenient.

Keyboard shortcut: merge conversations

No description provided
about 1 year ago in Keyboard shortcuts / Triage - get to inbox 0 0 Backlog

Send & Store in Folder

A customer requested the ability to answer an email and store it in a folder, similar to "Send & Snooze" or "Send & Archive."
6 months ago in Compose - write efficiently with quality 0 Backlog

Integration with Go High Level marketing platform

No description provided
6 months ago in New integration requests 0 Backlog