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Advanced rule conditions and actions

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Allow access to "Now" timestamp in Rules

I have a rule which assesses the value of, and changes a Date and time type custom field on a Contact record.I want to set the value of this custom field to "Now" in the rule, but this has to be achieved by fetching the date of the Message trigger...
about 2 months ago in Time-based options 0

Preference for Assignee Title in Sender Line

After a recent update, when a conversation is assigned to the user the format of the heading of the conversation of the assignee in the side panel is now "Sender > me" previous to the update it was "Sender > FirstName LastName". I'm requesti...
4 months ago in Assign / Assigning 0 Backlog

Assign overriding OOO through rules

This is valuable for roles like account managers when time is not of the essence.
over 2 years ago in Assign 0 Backlog