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Delegated inboxes

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Move conversations between inboxes delegated to me

If a teammate has delegated their inboxes to me, I should be able to move their conversations between their individual inboxes. This can help personal assistants organize conversations into different individual inboxes.
5 months ago in Delegated inboxes 0 Backlog

Dedupe rule notifications when inbox is delegated

I am receiving multiple notifications to my phone when rules are triggered as a delegate of another account. The same notification, 2x. Just because I'm a delegate of another account or accounts shouldn't mean I need to receive a duplicate notific...
3 months ago in Delegated inboxes / Notifications 0 Backlog

Delegate all inboxes but not private discussions

At the moment you cannot delegate all inboxes of a member of staff without showing all their private discussions. But if you turn off delegation and select their inbox, you can then no longer see assigned emails etc.
11 months ago in Delegated inboxes 0 Backlog

Ability to create rules for an inbox delegated to me

Currently, you cannot create rules on a delegated inbox if not an admin. This is because the conversations live in a namespace you do not own.
almost 3 years ago in Delegated inboxes 0 Backlog

See sent messages in delegated inbox

No description provided
almost 3 years ago in Delegated inboxes 0 Backlog