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Created on Feb 22, 2024

Chatbot Contact Fields

It would be great if the phone number contact field on the chatbot could be formatted so it isn't in US style formatting. For example, when typing in a UK mobile number (e.g. 07712312312) the bot does not allow you to submit or move forward because the number isn't formatted correctly. You have to know the country's area code that you are using (e.g. UK is +44). This is the same when using home/business telephone numbers - it does not allow you to submit despite inputting the area code. Example would be an Edinburgh area code (0131) followed by the phone number, so 0131 123 4567, but typing this in it doesn't let you submit the contact form, because the format is for US numbers.

The only current way around this is by ensuring the country code is inputting and them omitting the first 0 for the number, so the above examples would read as



It would be so much better if the chat bot allowed for different number formats, or if it was intelligent enough to recognise the number format typed in then automatically change it to the format above.

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