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Created on Nov 9, 2023

Pin parent tag and ALL nested tags to sidebar

Context: users migrating from folder-based email systems (Outlook) find it difficult to accept lack of folders. Front's answer is: use tags. However, unless you know that a tag exists, it is often difficult to find them, so users end up creating similar tags.

It is possible to created nested tags in Front, which basically gives a "folder" structure.

It is possible to pin a child tag to the sidebar, which pins all parent tags too - great.


  1. Could we have the option to pin to sidebar a parent tag with all its child tags (the whole hierarchy)?

  2. Could we have such pinned parent tag be "dynamic", i.e. if a new child tag is created, I do not have to manually pin it - it should just show as I expand the parent tag in the sidebar.

If we have the above, then a team lead can instruct colleagues to have a specific parent tag pinned (e.g. Projects 2023) and then every child tag is immediately available "like a folder"

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